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Communication design consultants Jeff Shoket & Partners is comprised of artists, computer geeks, strategists, team players, educators, nurturers, mentors, friends, and more… The unique individuals that make up the group are fervent advocates about the partners we promote, the service we provide, and the high quality products we create, build and deliver.

We are listeners first and foremost, and talkers second. We believe that trust is the best foundation of any relationship. We have fun every day, in the office and out. We are always looking towards the next big thing. We are passionate and love what we do. We believe in the materials we create. We strive for excellence.

We look forward to working with you…


Jeff Shoket: Partner / Creative Director – Visual Designer – Graphic Artist – Marketer

Design is my Passion with a capital “P” its in my blood and that is who I am! From humble beginnings to present I have always appreciated and accepted challenges in my career. I take every opportunity to learn and grow from my experiences, while helping my clients achieve their goals an objectives.

Having a wide spectrum of professional experience as a creative has provided many opportunities to develop my skills as a designer, from initial inception to producing the final product. There is nothing more fulfilling than to sit down with my client, ask questions about their goals and desires, and help them solve their communication problems. As a turnkey individual and businessmen, I look forward to working with you, to help create the solutions that make your business better together…

Tony Rudenko: Partner / Cinematographer & Visual Effects Specialist

From an early age I found myself drawn to visual communication thru art & design. As time progressed in my career these skills matured and evolved… I find myself very blessed to be where I am today. I have been in the Movie & Television industry since 1995 and have been loving every moment of it. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked on many major motion pictures and television shows with some of the best in the business, and have made it a point to learn as much as possible from each and every experience.

Thru the years I have been able to amass a substantial amount of state of the art video and lighting equipment that equates to that of a small production company, these tools allow me to translate and transform the written word to the small and large screen in ways I never thought possible… This is where the magic happens!

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Joe Rizzo: Partner / Graphic Designer – Photographer – Digital Photo Illustrator

I have always been fascinated by the visual world around me. Drawing and painting came naturally to me… In my youth I discovered photography and it soon became the main tool by which I expressed and explored form, color and light. I enjoy the technical side of photography as well as understanding the science of color theory, the cause and effect of lighting, learning to see what the film sees.

Once I was exposed to computer graphic technology I was immediately addicted. I could now integrate all my interests: graphics, photography, illustration all in one place. Anything I can imagine, I can create. It is a synergy and balance of left and right brain thinking that has built my foundation for creating photography and commercial graphic arts.

My extensive expertise helps find the right exposure to developing visually appealing design concepts into realized communication pieces for those I collaborate with! The goal is produce a memorable concept and deliver it, with measurable results that my patronage appreciate and relies upon… This is the standard by which I stand by and produce my artwork!

Chris Jolissaint: Director / Videographer

When I went to college, I purposely went for a career I would LOVE. Nine Emmy nominations, one Emmy award, and hundreds of television shows later, I can say my passion for this business is still growing.

On a typical day outside the studio you might find me shooting beauty shots at the Taj Mahal in India, filming the fuming drug war in Colombia, along for the ride with the Philadelphia Orchestra on their 100th anniversary European tour, or slacking near home covering a red carpet event at the Oscars in Hollywood. No matter where I am, near home or abroad, capturing the world’s beauty and producing the highest quality films and videos is what excites me.


Kevin Marshall: Search Engine Marketer / Programmer

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