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Branding Project Details

It takes a clear understanding of a businesses history and traditions to develop a look and feel that is in line with its future goals and aspirations as a brand at the same time being trusted and valued by its customers. Whether creating a new look or freshening up the current one, start-up or established, this is very important so that we maintain the organizations values while creating a new style that will project who they are now and into the future.

This is where we start, the first step towards branding your company…



To begin the branding process we need a creative logo design to help build a great brand. Putting to use our knowledge of the business and its history, we are able to produce a logo that embodies the business today without sacrificing or neglecting its unique history and position in the marketplace.

Without delaying the distributing of the brand to the rest of the world, the creation of collateral material and website design is underway.


Photo Shoot

Before the development of any project that we will be marketing the goods or services our clients are providing, we want to produce professional quality photographs. Doing this one step in the process gives us the best imagery for developing their collateral material, product packaging and website content. A single image can speak a thousand words…!

It is our job to make sure that image is communicating those right words to begin with.



To complete the branding process we start by designing a customized website that showcases the brand; with the objective of matching a style or experience to the clients business with their unique goods and services being offered.

Having created an original logo and producing bold imagery, we are able to conceive the final design as it would appear online before ever putting a single piece of code to work on a fully functioning website, so the client can sign-off on further development in the design process…

Most websites consist of a landing page and navigation that helps or hinders in allowing the viewer to investigate the website further, or inadvertently forces them to a competitions website. Our goal is to hold their attention by introducing the brand as soon as the website is entered, and familiarize the viewer with the brand, converting them into customers…

Finally we want to take the extra step of optimizing your website. So that your business or organization can be found quickly and easily on searches with Google, Yahoo and or Bing. We call this first page marketing service — which delivers your potential customers right to your websites virtual front door. If you are doing business on the web or would like to, this is part of the continuing process of branding and marketing your business to world!

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