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multimedia | adjective
using more than one medium of expression or communication


Conejo Valley video production & marketingDesign

Taking your business to the next level in marketing is a natural course for success. Whether you are planning a corporate promotion advertisement, or are in need of a virtual tour of a hot real estate property we’ve got you covered from personalized video invitations to special event coverage that will provide memories to look back upon.

Conejo Vally based communications design consultant Jeff Shoket and partners, are innovators in video production design. Bringing original video, sound and editing to create a compelling and value added production that leaves your audience wanting more is what we bring to the table. The moment the production process begins, from filming to postproduction editing your final product receives top quality expertise and creative detail for a personal touch that is produced to fulfill your objectives and purpose.

When you’re goal is on high-quality top-notch video production in Conejo Valley, we are the people you want to call. Our group looks forward to creating your vision in video marketing.

Jeff Shoket & Partners – Your Conejo Valley Video Production & Marketing Design People.

Conejo Valley product development & user interfaceDesign

You have a great idea for a product that will revolutionize society, or just need concept art to be provided for legal filing, and you don’t know who to turn to for help… Thousand Oaks based communication design consultant Jeff Shoket and partners can provide product development design in 3D and 2D imagery of your concept or invention to your specifications. Our creative abilities and knowledge allows us the skills to provide what was once just a concept on a paper napkin into reality…

All we need is a brief conversation with you and a little graphics magic to bring to life a user interface design to interact with your product, 3D photo realistic imagery of the product, or a 2D schematic of the preposed design ready for manufacturing, and/or legal filing of a patent.

If your objective is get to the next level with your product development, and you want some one to care about your idea as much as you do… We are the ones to work with.

Jeff Shoket & Partners – Your Conejo Valley Product Development & User Interfacedesign People.

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